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Q. Do you do a drop and wait facility (drop skip and wait until it is filled, this usually takes ½ hour appx)

A. Yes we do


Q. Do you recycle the waste from my skip?

A. Yes we do, a minimum 80% recycle rate is our goal from all skips!


Q. What can I not put in a skip?

A. You can’t put Asbestos, Fridges, Freezers and Tyres. Please call if you are in any doubt


Q. How much can I fill the skip?

A. The skip can be filled level to the side of the skip


Q. How long is the hire period for a skip?

A. The normal hire period for a skip is one week


Q. Is a permit required for a skip on a public highway

A. Yes, a permit is required, we can email a pre filled in form to you


Q. Do I need a permit if the skip is housed on my property?

A. No, a permit is not required if the skip is housed on your private property


Q. What size of skips do you have?

A. We have skips ranging from 4 yard to 14 yard (see guide Page)


Q. How long does it take to order a skip from time of call?

A. Usually within 24 hours from phone call


Q. What size of opening is needed to drop a skip in my drive?

A. Usually a width of 8 feet 6” is required, and a height of 11 feet 6”


Q. Can you drop a skip over my hedge?

A. Yes, but this depends on the height of the hedge! Usually 3 feet is the limit, please call first.


Q. Can you drop a skip on my driveway?

A. Yes, but any skip being dropped in a drive is at the home/land owners risk!


Q. Can I get a VAT invoice for my skip?

A. Of course, we do invoice runs every Thursday


Q. I need a skip dropped off early can this be done?

A. Yes, we can drop a skip any time after 7am in residential areas


Q. Do you do enclosed skips?

A. Yes we do, please call for availability and details


Q. Are there any discounts on skips for timber only or soil?

A. Yes, please call for a quote